Ep160: A Four-Step Method to Dethrone Your Inner Critic with Joanna Kleinman

The Laura Jane Layton Show
The Laura Jane Layton Show
Ep160: A Four-Step Method to Dethrone Your Inner Critic with Joanna Kleinman

Joanna Kleinman offers a roadmap for anyone looking to silence their inner critic and unlock their true potential. This episode not only highlights personal growth strategies but also encourages listeners to embrace their journey with compassion and understanding. Hit that play button and dethrone your inner critic today!


Key takeaways to listen for 

  • Why it’s vital to understand the origin and impact of your inner critic

  • Practical steps for managing and transforming self-critical thoughts

  • The role of self-awareness in personal transformation

  • How embracing our authentic selves can lead to a fulfilled and peaceful life

  • Strategies to empower one’s authentic self over automatic negative thoughts

Resources mentioned in this episode

Introducing the M.I.N.D Method™! Experience the freedom to tap into your own power, reclaim your joy, and take risks without fear of failure. Get started now at https://dethroningyourinnercritic.com/mastering-your-m-i-n-d-tm. Dive into a life where you are truly free!

About Joanna Kleinman

Joanna Kleinman is a licensed psychotherapist, life and corporate coach, author, podcaster, motivational speaker, and the founder of Dethroning Your Inner Critic. She is an unconventional therapist driven by the conviction that you can live the most powerful life when you know the difference between YOU and your Inner Critic. She developed the M.I.N.D Method, a time-tested, proven system that combines practical psychology, neuroscience, and the power of intention to discover who you are separate from the critical voice in your mind. With over 25 years of experience, she has worked with corporations such as Campowerment, Cigna, Nestle, and TD Bank, and has transformed the lives of thousands of people.


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