Ep62: Boost Your Intuition to MAX Volume with Kirsten Wild

The Laura Jane Layton Show
The Laura Jane Layton Show
Ep62: Boost Your Intuition to MAX Volume with Kirsten Wild

Do you often find yourself second-guessing yourself in various aspects of life? In today’s episode, Kirsten Wild joins us as we delve into the importance of leaning into our body’s messages and sharing a method that would lead to holistic awareness. Discover how to achieve your most authentic self to achieve your dream life!


Key takeaways to listen for 

  • Actionable steps to start tapping into your intuition 

  • How trusting oneself plays into becoming holistically aware

  • Why you should embrace your inner wildness

  • The PIES Method: What it is and its role in achieving a mindful awareness

  • Powerful ways to trust your intuition and build your self-confidence 


About Kirsten Wild

Kirsten is a yoga teacher and a contract virtual assistant based in Utah, United States. She is the founder of Wild Wandering Life, an organization where women who strive to achieve more in their lives come to learn more about their authentic selves through yoga and meditation. As a lifelong yoga practitioner, Kirsten’s quest for a more non-traditional life led her to embark on an extraordinary adventure. She decided to transform her life. She undertook the task of refinishing her Michigan home and selling 90% of her belongings, setting the stage for a new chapter filled with exploration and self-discovery.


Kirsten’s wanderlust led her to a life on the road, where she fully embraced the nomadic lifestyle, traveling full-time and living out of her vehicle. Beyond the external adventures, her most profound journey was her self-discovery. In a transformative act of self-affirmation, Kirsten boldly changed her last name to “Wild.” This symbolic gesture is a daily reminder of her commitment to authenticity and self-love. Kirsten’s story is one of breaking free from the constraints of societal expectations and finding her voice, spirit, and the fierce, wild woman within.


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