Ep77: Harnessing Self-Compassion as the Foundation for Self-Improvement with Janette Dalgliesh

The Laura Jane Layton Show
The Laura Jane Layton Show
Ep77: Harnessing Self-Compassion as the Foundation for Self-Improvement with Janette Dalgliesh

Today, Janette Dalgliesh shares her insights and expertise on the transformative power of nurturing self-compassion to overcome shame and break free from societal expectations to reveal your true self. Take advantage of this enlightening conversation that may change how you view and treat yourself!


Key takeaways to listen for 

  • Secrets to overcoming shame and imposter syndrome

  • How to rewire your brain to create a more authentic you

  • Why you should let go of societal expectations and the pursuit of perfection

  • The value of compassion and understanding in the face of controversy

  • Reasons you should be unapologetically you

  • Tips for creating your personal best day


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About Janette Dalgliesh

Janette is a Regenerative Transformation coach. Her journey began with the heavy burden of life-altering decisions in a pressure-filled system, leading her to follow her father’s path, a decision that turned out to be profoundly wrong for her. Despite two career-ending injuries caused by overwork, perfectionism, and a productivity addiction, she persisted in the pursuit of her true calling. Janette’s deep understanding of good coaching helps individuals rewire their brains, enabling them to make a meaningful impact on their lives.


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