When do body image issues start?

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I know I have shamed my body for over 50 years; ever since that 13-year-old me was dragged into the bushes and disrobed by a couple boys. No, I was not raped, which I internalized as being too ugly even for rapists.

The picture is of my mom, most of her kids, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. I am the only one hiding behind extra pounds, not wanting to be seen; if I stayed ugly, no one would want to drag me into the bushes again.

I now love myself, and I am ok for the first time, being the largest one in a photo. My health is back; I can walk and do things that were out of the question 3 years ago. It took understanding and loving that little girl that was so afraid and understanding why my mind wanted to shield myself from any future pain, and it was what it knew best at the time. I am OK if I stay the same size, get bigger or smaller, but I will do what it takes to keep my health.

Here are 7 things I learned from being overweight:

Embarking on a journey to embrace a healthier lifestyle is a transformative experience that encompasses far more than physical changes. It is a process that delves into emotional growth, self-discovery, and a renewed appreciation for overall well-being. In this blog post, we delve into seven valuable lessons learned from a personal health journey that transcends weight loss.

  1. Self-Love Nurtures Transformation:
    The journey to better health begins with self-love and self-acceptance. Lesson one underscores the importance of recognizing your inherent worth and cultivating self-love as the foundation for any meaningful change. Embracing your journey with kindness and compassion sets the stage for lasting transformation.
  2. Perception Shapes Reality:
    Our perception of ourselves significantly influences how we navigate the world. Lesson two emphasizes that the way we view our bodies can affect how others perceive us as well. By shifting our internal narrative to one of positivity and self-empowerment, we can positively impact external perceptions.
  3. Prioritizing Health over Appearance:
    A health journey is about more than just achieving a certain appearance. Lesson three highlights the significance of prioritizing health over outward aesthetics. Focusing on adopting nourishing habits, engaging in regular exercise, and nurturing mental well-being all contribute to an overall sense of vitality and fulfillment.
  4. The Strength of Mindset:
    Our mindset plays a pivotal role in shaping our health journey. Lesson four underscores the power of cultivating a positive and growth-oriented mindset. By embracing a mentality of continuous improvement and resilience, individuals can overcome challenges and stay committed to their well-being goals.
  5. Celebrating Every Step:
    In a health journey, every small victory is worth celebrating. Lesson five underscores the importance of acknowledging and appreciating progress, no matter how incremental. From making mindful food choices to increasing daily activity, each positive decision contributes to a larger transformation.
  6. Embracing Resilience:
    Resilience is a key trait on the path to better health. Lesson six reflects on the ability to bounce back from setbacks and adjust course when needed. The journey is marked by ups and downs, and learning to navigate challenges with resilience fosters personal growth and sustainable change.
  7. Authenticity Breeds Confidence:
    Embracing authenticity is a lesson that resonates deeply on a health journey. Lesson seven highlights the empowerment that comes from being true to oneself. As individuals shed societal expectations and embrace their unique health path, they exude a newfound confidence that radiates from within.

Embarking on a journey towards better health encompasses physical, emotional, and mental dimensions of well-being. Each lesson learned contributes to a comprehensive transformation that extends beyond physical goals. From nurturing self-love and shaping perceptions to prioritizing holistic well-being and embracing authenticity, this health journey represents a powerful testament to personal growth and
self-discovery. By internalizing these lessons, individuals pave the way for a future filled with vitality, self-assurance, and a profound appreciation for the ongoing process of bettering oneself.

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